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Cruize - A smarter wheelchair

We are trying to solve the problem of physically challenged people who cannot use either their hands or legs efficiently. Consequently, they have to depend upon others to move from one place to another. This wheelchair is an effort to make them believe that immobility won't be a problem anymore and they can still be independent.

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AAMI -a smart reading assistant

AAMI is a small ring like device which one can easily put on the finger. The device has a camera and a processor which converts the text it sees into speech. So we can read a book by just scrolling over the line. Also there is a microphone to listen to the responses given by the user. This microphone provides an interface to the user to interact with the device. AAMI is mainly built to help a dyslexic child read a normal textbook.

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Smart Homes System

Smart Homes(Home automation) is the residential extension of building automation. It includes centralized control of lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), appliances, security locks of gates and doors and other systems, to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security.

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Altraa - Smart Pill Box

Elderly people form a major chunk of people suffering from chronic diseases. They often tend to forget their medication complicating their medical problem. Hence, this pill box has been developed to remind patients (esp. people suffering from chronic diseases like T.B.) of their medication.There is an mobile app associated with this device. If a patient forgets to take his/her medication on time, an notification will be sent to the care-taker's mobile phone.

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AFAL- Automatic Following All-terrain Luggage

AFAL(Automatic Following All-terrain Luggage) is a luggage bag which can climb stairs and can also follow the owner on most of the types of terrains. The bag is being specially designed for indian conditions like bad roads. Our futuristic design is very user friendly and gives the user a reason to show off and feel good about his investment.

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Smart Medicine Box

Our project is a smart medical storage device. It addresses the problem of transportation and storage of medical substances such as vaccines and antibiotics. It is commonly observed that there is a huge loss of vaccines and other medical substances because of exposure to temperatures outside their allowed tolerable threshold. This causes them to lose their efficacy. Our innovation is meant to help maintain a constant temperature for vaccines/medicines in a cost effective and portable manner.

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Autonomous Wall Painter Robot

We are aiming to design an autonomous wall decorating robot which will be capable of painting any picture provided on the wall. This will be extremely useful in drawing posters for political parties, painting and decorating exteriors and doing interior decoration of houses.

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I2U2 Telepresence Robot

I2U2 is a telepresence robotic companion – it allows you to log into it from any compatible iOS, Android, Windows device, and take control of it, from anywhere in the world. Walk, talk and play at home, with the ones who matter, whenever you want, wherever you are.

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Hack in Cloud is one of our dream to build an online platform where you can program the microcontroller, design the circuit , deploy the design at the hardware in the cloud and check the output instantly at the click of the button . With this platform we want the people to continue innovating and hacking with the resources present in the cloud.

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Butter Scotch eBike kit

Butterscotch started as a very personal effort: Myshkin wanted a simple, usable, easy to run and easy to maintain electric bicycle, to use for his daily commute. His attempt is to simplify conversion kits so that anyone in their home, using simple tools, can convert their regular daily use bicycle into a hybrid.

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SMASH Bikes is a high end / high performance electric bike. Smash e-bikes are one of the most agile, confortable and affordable means of transportation available to us right now. They have a positive impact not only on your health but also on the environment. Launching soon.

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Research @ Hacklab

Robotics Arm

This group aims to develop low-cost robotic arms that can learn for themselves - through artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning using visual cues as feedback. More details coming soon.


This group dedicated to explore new techniques and technologies that can be used to educate the masses. The group is trying to figure out ways

Drone Swarming

This group is developing new and innovative algorithms which allow multiple drones to communicate with each other and form swarms.

Hacker Groups @ Hacklab

IoT group

This group aims to connect disparate devices to one another via the web. We work on some cool projects focusing mostly on building smarter homes and industries.

Networking group

This group work on some of the hottest new fields in the area of networking and designing web tools to provide various hardware services to remote users like remote experimentation.

Energy Hackers

This group tries to find new ways to store the energy from sources like solar, heat, vibrations, etc. to power devices, smart fabrics and networks.

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Smash Bikes

An agile, conformtable, affordable and eco-friendly means of transportation

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COG cable

COG cable allows you to transfer charge directly from your friend's mobile phone.

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Butter Scotch eBike kit

The Butterscotch eBike conversion kit contains everything you need to convert your bicycle into an electric.

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Co-working Space

We provide physical space for people to work and discuss their ideas. Hacklab is an ideal setting as you can get instant feedback and help on your ideas and other's work might also inspire and motivate you to work. Afterall, Coworking is not only about the physical space, but also about establishing the coworking community first.

3D Printing

We provide the cheapest 3Dprinting services in Bangalore. Members can avail the 3Dprinter free of charge and will have to pay only for the materials consumed. Non-members will be charged an time-based service charge extra for the service. We motivate people to become regular member to avail discounts.

Technical Equipments

We have many development kits for development of hobby projects like Arduino and Raspberry Pi. We have spare laptops, quadcopters Energy harvesting kits, sensor boosters, embedded processor modules, oscilloscopes and many more equipment for you to use and develop your projects on.

Techinical Assistance

We provide techincal assistance to members with their project ideas. We don't believe in conducting scheduled training classes but promote members to have long discussion sessions on their project topics. Newbies can visit our blog to get basic information about our projects and their pre-requisites.

Awards & Media

AAMI wins FICCI-TERUMO innovation award

MOPET among the top finalists

AAMI wins "Touching the life" award at Eureka 2015

Hacklab in ET

AAMI in YourStory

AAMI features on FactorDaily


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